Jahorina Ekonomic Forum 2024


Through the partnership with the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka, adequate organization of the event and the attraction of a larger number of participants were enabled, which contributes to a richer exchange of knowledge and experience. Also, the chamber plays an important role in connecting local businesses with regional and international markets, which is especially important in the context of globalization and digital transformation.

Besides economic benefits, the Jahorina Economic Forum also has a broader social significance. By promoting dialogue on demographics, the forum helps in understanding and addressing the demographic challenges faced by the Republic of Srpska. Discussions on creative industries can contribute to the development of culture and arts, which enriches social life and stregthens the community’s identity.

Ultimately, the partnership between the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka and the Jahorina Economic Forum is of great importance for the economic and social development of the Republic of Srpska. It not only encourages economic progress and innovation but also strengthens social cohesion and identity. Through such events, the Republic of Srpska positions itself as an important player in the regional and international context, ready to respond to the challenges of the future.