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  • Is the project possible to solve the business obstacle that our companies face?
  • Do the project activities correspond to the goals of the Chamber and the development strategies of RS and BiH?
  • Does the project envisage educating the staff of the Chamber about the latest trends in the provision of business services?
  • Does the project plan to make the most of domestic resources in implementing the activities?

Developing, piloting and validating smart care models in Danube region for supporting social innovation, improving competences and entrepreneurship

Project holder: Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj, Romania

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration :: 2020 - 2022


The main goal of the D-CARE project is to improve skills and develop and test smart solutions that will strengthen and integrate the regional social and health system in 9 Danube regions. The project will promote e-care and e-health services for the elderly with chronic diseases and cognitive impairments. Project activities are divided into three pillars:

1) Design of networked innovative learning environments, responsible for the development of new learning tools, content and training programs to improve the skills needed by project regions to provide new integrated care services (innovative smart care models);

2) Introduction of smart care pilot projects for research, selection, optimization, testing and validation of innovative smart care services for older adults with chronic diseases or cognitive impairments;

3) The establishment of the Center for Transnational Learning Policy, which should ensure the creation of knowledge and the dissemination of results and knowledge to policy makers;

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Support to entrepreneurship of women in Republika Srpska

Project holder: Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2019

Project description: The general goal of the project is to improve measures to support the development of women's entrepreneurship in the Republic of Srpska.


• Increased number of active members in the work of the council by 20%
• Increased participation of women entrepreneurs in activities organized by councils by 10%
• Adopted Action Plan of the Council for Women's Entrepreneurship in the RS Chamber System, which is a mechanism for planning and coordinating activities to support the development of women's entrepreneurship in the RS
• Promoted the work of the Women's Entrepreneurship Council within 6 info days
• Organized at least 5 seminars for women entrepreneurs with 50 participants
• A national promotional campaign was conducted to promote women's entrepreneurship (with motivational messages for potential entrepreneurs), as well as a fair and conference
• A fair and conference of women's entrepreneurship was organized
• Organized 4 educational and / or informative events during the conference and fair with at least 100 participants

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EcoInn Danube
Eco-innovatively connected Danube Region

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2016 - 2019

Description: The general goal of the project is to strengthen the cooperation of innovation actors in the field of eco-innovation with special emphasis on the development and application of eco-technologies in the Danube region.

The project contributed to the improvement of conditions for cooperation between innovation actors and thus the generation and development of eco-innovations based on social and environmental needs. By presenting smart solutions for bringing together key players in the innovation ecosystem, a more innovative and more environmentally friendly interregional environment has been created. Cooperation between research institutions and the private sector was also supported. Capital seekers of eco-innovation and those who own capital are connected.


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Strengthening the export capacities of small and medium enterprises in the metal sector

The role of CCI BL: Partner

Duration: 2017 - 2018

Description: The project has contributed to improving the capacity of SMEs in the metal sector to perform in foreign markets and raising the level of competitiveness of companies in the metal industry sector. With this project, the RS Chamber of Commerce has provided continuous support for the export of SMEs in the metal sector.

• 20 companies are qualified to enter the foreign market
• 9 companies participated in a study visit to Austria and Slovenia,
• 9 companies increased the level of competitiveness through certification of appropriate quality standards
• Developed a sector publication to promote the capacity of the metal sector
• A set of “Export Support Package” services has been established for SMEs in the metal industry sector



Strengthening cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Municipalities in providing support to economic development at the LOCAL level

Role of CCI BL: Lead Partner

Duration: 2017 - 2018

Description: KOOPLokal was implemented in order to improve the management capacities for local economic development of the municipalities of Prnjavor, Srbac and Laktasi through the construction and introduction of economic development instruments at the local level and to support private-public dialogue and inter-municipal cooperation.

• A package of services of the Chamber "Services to support local governments in attracting investment" was created as an instrument to improve the image of local communities and attract investment.
• 9 publications for the promotion of local economic capacities, investment locations and opportunities for business cooperation were created.
• 3 seminars were held for training of employees in municipalities in the field of service provision in accordance with the needs of SMEs in order to improve the capacity to better understand and respond to the dynamics and challenges of the private sector
• A study visit was conducted to Germany with 12 participants in order to transfer good practices in the field of local economic development from the environment as well as the development of inter-municipal cooperation at the international level
• Applications developed:

We Enforce Businesses 

Role of CCI BL: Lead Partner

Duration: 2013 - 2015

Description: The project was initiated by businessmen in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), and chambers of commerce in BiH, which have intensified cooperation on a project basis through the previously implemented NET project. The WeB project strengthened the Chambers of Commerce in BiH and improved their capacity to influence the decision-making process and policies that shape the business environment for ICT companies through regional exchange of experiences, improving dialogue with decision makers, establishing advocacy bodies and raising awareness of ICT use. in business.

Results: Project results WeB

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Development of lifelong learning to increase competitiveness and employment

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2013 - 2015

Description: The project was implemented with the aim of increasing the employment capacity of the workforce through vocational education and training for adults.

Results: During the project, valuable equipment was procured for the Mechanical and Agricultural-Food School and their accreditation for the implementation of adult education programs was enabled. The schools are equipped with: CNC machines, self-diagnostics, welding equipment, tractor, sprayer and trailer. Through the project, the Mechanical School gained accreditation for additional 8 occupations and 5 trainings, while the Agricultural and Food School accredited 4 occupations and 5 training programs. The project was also established by the Council for Education and Employment of the City of Prijedor, whose main function is to harmonize supply and demand in the local labor market.

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Promotion of Financing Innovation in South-East Europe

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2013 - 2014

Description: PROFIS has contributed to the improvement of the innovative environment in SE Europe and disseminated information on the availability of funds. Also, business service providers have strengthened their capacity to develop new services in the area of ​​innovation financing. PROFIS organized training and consulting services for women innovators to improve their skills and knowledge for the successful presentation of an innovative idea.

Results: PROFIS organized a national competition for innovation in eight countries and a competition at the level of Southeast Europe. PROFIS has developed an Internet tool for connecting innovators and potential investors, and has improved the capacity of 28 innovation support organizations, prepared 135 projects for early funding, drafted 10 official documents at the national and Southeast European level to improve innovation financing measures and carried out strengthening activities awareness of the promotion of women innovators.

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Bridge Technical Differences and Social Suspicions Contributing to Transform the Adriatic Area in a Stable Hub for a Sustainable Technological Development

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2012 - 2016

Description: The ADRIA-HUB project aimed to improve the research capacity and level of industrial innovation throughout the Adriatic area. The purpose of ADRIA-HUB was to promote the creation of a transnational network of cooperation between academia, business organizations and companies in most of the Adriatic area.

Results: The project has developed a platform of innovative ICT solutions, capable of collecting technical information from Balkan universities and offering it to companies. The initial test was performed in the wood sector. The project promoted the proper positioning of qualified human resources on the Adriatic market, facilitating the employment of graduates, which aimed to create a fertile environment for innovation in this area.

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Networking, Educating, Teaching the Chamber-network in BiH)

Role of CCI BL: Lead Partner

Duration: 2011 - 2013

Description: The main goal of the project is to strengthen the network of chambers of commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina by networking and strengthening the dialogue between administrative bodies and chambers, adjusting to the standards of European chambers of commerce through analysis of obstacles in basic chamber tasks, training and strengthening staff capacity. Belgium

Results: "Two years of successful cooperation"

Analysis of women's entrepreneurship

The role of CCI BL: implementer

Duration: 2011

Description: The project, with the support of the British Council in BiH, was implemented by the Chamber with the aim of:
1) updating data on companies whose owners or co-owners are general managers, ie. directors, deputy directors or heads of major organizational units, women, and
2) connecting, networking, joint appearance on the market, ie strengthening the competitiveness and improving the business of these companies.

After the research was conducted and the existing data were consolidated, a survey questionnaire was created and the activity of surveying women entrepreneurs began. After research and field work, the collected data were analyzed and an internet database was formed, and the results were presented at the final conference.

The results of the project were also the basis for the preparation of the Work Program of the Council for Women's Entrepreneurship of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka.

Results: "PC Analysis of Women's Entrepreneurship"


Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Role of CCI BL: value chain coordinator

Duration: 2009 - 2014

Description: The FIRMA project is a five-year project to help economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a total value of $ 21 million. The main goal of the FIRMA is to raise the level of competitiveness of domestic economic entities operating in the sector of wood processing, tourism and light / metal processing industry.

The chamber was a local partner of the project, the so-called Value Chain Facilitators (VCF), and in this role has implemented a subproject related to strengthening the competitiveness of medium-sized companies in the field of wood processing and metal processing industry.

Results: The project provided co-financing for the introduction of quality standards for: Texoprom Srbac, Mechanical Structures Kotor Varos, DI Shipovo and Drvo-emdex Shipovo, Foresta Kostajnica.

More information: "Evaluation report"


EuroSouthEast Network

Networking of chambers of commerce / associations / institutions of Veneto and the countries of Southeast Europe

The role of CCI BL: partner

Duration: 2008 - 2009

Description: In November 2008, a network for cooperation was established between the Center for International Cooperation of the Veneto region (Centro Estero Veneto), and county chambers from Pula, Rijeka and Osijek, Cluster Drvo from Prijedor, Business Service Center from Zenica, Chambers of Serbia, Novi Now, Belgrade, Leskovac, the Directorate for SME Development of Montenegro and the chambers from Tirana and Durac. The network is a facilitator of strengthening economic cooperation between the Veneto and the Balkans, through the creation of a structured network of contacts with organizations involved in providing information and assistance to companies interested in international cooperation.

Results: Agreement on cooperation between the Center for Foreign Trade of Veneto and the Chamber of Commerce of the Banja Luka region within the Euro South East network signed in 2009.