Economic potentials



Agriculture is one of the most important natural resources. Adoption of the Strategy for the development of Agriculture of Republic of Srpska provides support for activities and production which will be market-oriented and competitive. One of the priority development goals of agriculture is greater investment of foreign and domestic capital in the modernization of agricultural production.


Wood industry of Republic of Srpska is big exporter.  It belongs to a rare branch of economy, that creates a surplus in the trade balance with the world. Within total exports, the participation of furniture is in a constant and gradual increase. In order to design a new industrial policy of wood sector, and in accordance with the economic development and social policy of Republic of Srpska, it seeks to change the existing industrial structure in favour of the final production and exports.


Due to its natural characteristics, Republic of Srpska is placed in the areas that are rich with hydroelectric potential. The catchment area of Republic of Srpska covers basins of rivers Una, Sana, Vrbas, Drina, Bosna, Neretva and Trebisnjica. The biggest part of untapped potential energy belongs to objects with power larger than 10 MW, but there is also significant potential in hydroelectric facilities with the power up to 10MW. According to research conducted in the 1980’s, there were defined approximately 120 locations for construction of small hydroelectric power plants (including some on border rivers) with a total installed power about 340 MW and average annual production of 1400 GWh.

Great ability to provision of energy from renewable sources (wind and solar).

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Sector of the metal and electrical industry is an important sector of the industry and, instead of  direct, it has indirect effects on the overall development of industry and the economy as a whole. The development of this sector is extremely important in view of the fact that the degree of technical and technological development level of a country directly depends on the level of development, status and tendency of development of mechanical industry of that country. Since there are good performance for module production towards exports, this sector has special importance from the point of view of the export effects.


“Republic of Srpska is open and hospitable to all those whose roads lead to the Balkan, it is a country with a long history, diverse culture, untouched nature” –

Potentials of tourist industry are only partially exploited and, regardless of the minimum investment, it nevertheless achieves a steady growth. By giving the strategic importance to this branch, there would be created prerequisites to become one of the leading branches of economy. In the area of tourism there are significant investment opportunities in construction of accommodation capacities, the development of winter tourism, improving the offers in the field of spa tourism, development of rafting and other forms of extreme tourism.


Database of Investment Development Bank of Republic of Srpska (available on the website inter alia contains information about available places for investment (entrepreunial-business zones, clusters), potential projects and amenities in each municipality in Republic of Srpska. The aim of the database is to facilitate a decision to potential foreign investors, about choosing the best locations for investment .

Data sources:
The Government of the Republic of Srpska
Investment Development Bank of Republic of Srpska