Investment opportunities


The Law on Enterprises (”Official Gazette RS”, 127/08, 58/09, 100/11 i 67/13).
The Law on Foreign Direct Investment Politics in BiH (”Official Gazette BiH”, 17/98, 13/03, 48/10).
The Law on Foreign Investment (”Official Gazette RS”, 25/02, 24/04, 52/11, 68/13).


  • establishment of the legal entity in complete ownership of foreign investors,
  • joint venture of domestic and foreign investors,
  • investment in an existing legal entity,
  • special forms of investments (concessions, etc.).

The Investment-Development Bank of Republic of Srpska, (IDBRS – IRBRS) was established as the main pillar of support for the development and investment in the economy of Republic of Srpska. In just a few years of existence, this institution has proved to be prepared, professional and innovative in creating more favorable conditions in the RS to attract foreign capital and a true partner of the chamber system in the provision of business services, of the foreign-owned companies.

On the website of IDB ( you can find bilingual (Serbian and English), a comprehensive and up to date:

– Database on investment locations in Republic of Srpska. The Database contains information about places for investment (entrepreneural-business zones, clusters), resource management, resource management, business environment and amenities in each municipality in Republic of Srpska.

– Database about the privatization in Republic of Srpska. The Database gives an overview of the results of privatization, and non-privatized companies in the RS, which are one of the still unused opportunities for investment. The role of an authorized seller of the state capital in enterprises was entrusted to The Investment-Development Bank of Republic of Srpska.


Foreign investors interested in relocation of production we can offer domestic private companies on a joint venture basis. The Chamber will provide contact with local companies that are reliable and which are expressed the desire for this kind of investment.


Law on concessions (“Official Gazette of RS” no. 25/26 and 91/15, 94/09 and 59/13). Since the foreign entities (as well as domestic) may not become owners of certain goods (natural resources, and other goods of general interest for Republic of Srpska), the right of use of these goods is made possible through a concession. The decision on granting a concession brings the Government of Republic of Srpska on the basis of previous public and available to all, non-discriminatory procedure. Concession granting procedure may be instituted on the basis of: competent authority initiative, initiative interested persons and offer in the negotiation process.