Promotion of the economy – trade shows and economic mission

One of the most important tasks of the Chamber is to promote the economy in order to improve economic cooperation with foreign countries, to promote domestic production and to increase exports. Chamber accomplishes these tasks through the following activities: organizing presentations on trade fairs at home and abroad, business connections – outgoing and incoming business missions, promotion and presentation of products and services at home and abroad, promotion of products and services in order to support domestic production through the running campaign “Ours is better” and other promotional activities.

Plan to participate in national and international trade fairs is based on the expressed interest of business entities for the performance of the individual markets and fairs, as well as research of the interests and needs of enterprises through the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Srpska and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Banja Luka Region.

Having in mind the very large offer of fairs, as well as in Republic of Srpska, region and EU countries, CCIBLR plans the participation at the trade fairs for its Member companies for the current year.

On the web-site you can find an overview of trade fairs and business conferences worldwide searched:

  • by the name of the fair or conference
  • by subject
  • by date
  • by location


In accordance with the expressed interest of the Chamber members, and targeted to the market of the most important foreign trade partners of Republic of Srpska and BiH, meeting of businessmen are planned.

In addition to the planned activities, the Chamber will be involved in activating its members to participate in economic missions organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Srpska and Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

Some of the activities initiated by the Chamber:

– “Ours is Better – Produced in Srpska”

– “The selection of the most successful in the economy of Republic of Srpska”

– Issuing catalogues of the companies in the region, by branches of economy

Promotion on the Chamber website



In addition, thanks to cooperation with chambers of commerce, mainly from the countries of Southeast Europe and EU countries, mutual exchange of information on supply and demand of enterprises and the establishment of mutual contacts is carried out.

Another important assumption for cooperation is the fact that the Professional Service of the Chamber almost daily receives requirements of foreign companies directly or through chambers of commerce, wishing to establish a degree of cooperation with companies from Republic of Serpska.

The following types of promotions available to members are the promotion of products in the exhibition hall of the Chamber and in the review «Economic Information», which is provided not only to members of the Chamber but also the chambers of commerce in the region and the diplomatic and consular missions of BiH.

The chamber organizes the presentation of foreign companies aimed at informing Member Compaies with new products and technologies, as well as potential partners. This kind of promotion is usually followed by concrete bilateral talks.

Gordana Bunić, senior associate for promotion of economy
Telephone/fax: +387 51 493 104